You Must Change Your Password … Aaarrrggghhh!!

You know one thing I truly hate are websites that periodically tell you that you must change your password and now usually to something with so many requirements you have to stick googly eyes to your already actual googlying eyes just to really express the almost cartoonish nature of it.

Look, these days it’s enough to remember the things I need to remember on a daily basis just to function, where did I leave the keys, when was the last time I washed that towel, 2 shoes or 1, how many cats do I have (I thought it was 3 but I’m counting 4 today), pants … I don’t need the added addition to my overworked noggin of a new password “for my security” to remember, especially at accounts that no self respected hacker or even simple online voyeur is going to have any interest in.

Credit cards, my checking, my Chewy dot com? Sure, some havoc could be wreaked there especially in my recurring order of kitty litter but my work payroll/timecard website? Really?

Blackhat #1: Dude!? You’re not going to believe what I did today.

Blackhat #2: Hacked the Pentagon again? Pushed McCarthy, Cruz and Gaetz to the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted? Ransomwared a pipeline? Moved a satellite?

Blackhat #1: No, I hacked into some Frankenberry guy’s payroll site and changed all of his clock in times from 9 to 9:15. He is gonna get one STERRRRN talking to I’m sure.

Blackhat #2: Oh, nicely done!!

Virtual high fives.

I mean seriously the only thing that’s gonna happen if someone accesses my payroll account is that they’ll see my salary and cry, though, that could be a good thing I guess as they might feel so bad that, through their tears, they’ll start a Go Fund Me page or something.

Blackhat #1: Ya know, we should do something for that guy.

Blackhat #2: We should. I don’t know how though.

Blackhat #1: Ummmmm, dude, we’re hackers?

Blackhat #2: Oh right.

No, changing my password should be an optional thing. Send me suggestions to try and prove you care, remind me my keys are on the kitchen counter under a Pirates hat, that that towel is gross, it’s 2 shoes (each foot numbnuts), you only have 3 cats so counting 4 could be a concern, pants are good and just leave it at that alright?

My password is just fine.