The Continuing Chronicles Of A Crazy Cat Lady Guy: Spring (a window)

cricket spring breeze

(over a couple of weekends)

Though it was still a bit chilly earlier, an open window, even for a moment, grabbed a fan of Cricket the Blind

Cricket the Blind:





Not too cold

Ok, and?


Oh, right. Open

Thanks. Tomorrow too?

Yep, will do


bella spring breeze

Still a bit chilly but …


Where is she?


That Cricket cat

Cricketing somewhere

You know I don’t like her right?

Yes, well aware

I didn’t say this out loud

Say what? Almost can’t hear you

She has her smart moments, finding this open window an’ all yesterday

Yes she does


mimi spring breeze #1

mimi spring breeze #2

Some chilly a bit still but Spring open window sprung

Mimi the Quirky:

They anywhere near?


No blind air sniffs?


No that one that’s always here?


It’s all mine?


Cool, fuck them



Cricket singin'

Because there is always a Monty Python reference to be made

Steve, I’d rather just … sing

Stop that, stop that, you’re not going into a song while I’m ‘ere

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