Song Of Lie (song)


(to the tune of “Walk Of Life” – Dire Straits)

Though I was hoping for a new found lack of material with an Orange loss,  there is still, sadly, more to be had.  Future dreaming despots don’t go down easy it seems, especially when they’re enabled. 

I don’t really like this one, for a Dire Straits tune I much prefer this,  but it was time well spent and worked, worded. 

Note: Taking a step back a few days days later after posting it’s much better than my initial reaction after I finished it. Cool, I feel better now. Spent the last few days avoiding listening to it again thinking it sucked.  


Song Of Lie


Hello Philadelphia

We ready to go now?


Where’s my bottled water?

And my 6 pack of good ol’ American beer in a can?

And there should be a pack of smokes around here somewhere

And whoa! Why’s the band not wearing MAGA hats?

My beautiful, greatest marketing slogan ever MAGA hats?


Stage manager didn’t you read my rider?

It was in bullet points with pictures and everything

Baron did the pictures for me by the way, great job, beautiful boy

And where’s my tray of quarter pounders?

C’mon now!

Here comes Donnie singin’ oldies baddies

“Be-Bop-A-Doozy”’s now a comin’ your way

This is ol’ Donnie a contentious of loser 

Trying to make his propaganda play

He banked the action ‘gainst mail in voting

Early days of Spring

Simple one minded, to the notion

Claiming legal ballots are fraud he does sing

He sings of wrong along with William the Low Barr

He Sings with Mitch, a Lindsey and a Mike P

Ooh He sings the talk, he sings election lie

Yep, he sings election lie

Boo Hoo Hoo

Here comes Donnie, Captain Danger Democracy

GOP cults superhero fool

Here comes Donnie, with a red white and lie cape

Flyin’ round, loud mouth agape  

He’s claiming fraud to halt his demotion

Wiiiiith syc-ophants in tow

Infatuation, genuflection

Insisting Stockholm’s to go with his flow

It’s a song about election’s just not right  

With claims of rigging fraud done in plain sight

And they sing his song, sing his election lie

Yep, they walk his song of lie

Boo Hoo Hoo


Boo Hoo

Here comes Donnie singin’ always same key

“Be-Bop-A-Doozy” if you support me

Believe my words and just mine alone now

All is doomed if it goes against me

He gots the anger, he gots his lapdogs

Yeah, they’re yips can play

Subjugation, fetchication  

Grabbin’ balls for another hopeful Trump day

We’ll prove with evidence that really don’t exist

That comes with Dem’s co-ordinated blue assist  

He sings his song, he sings election lie

Mmmm he sings his song of lie-ie-ie

Booh Hooh  


Booh Hoo Hoo


Boo Hoo Hoo


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