It’s a weird day. When you’ve spent so much time railing it’s weird to not have to rail any longer, or at least for five minutes. When a number of Me’s, or at least a greater number of Me’s than the number of them’s said enough. When these Me’s said can we catch a break please, from the onslaught of lies?

I’m a pretty simple guy, a pretty simple and quiet guy with cats. I don’t have a lot of asks. Mimi the Quirky has her couple of spots, the top of my current pillow or the one I have layed on the floor just to the right of my bed, Cricket the Blind has my left, and my little Bella holds the middle, you could say, on her comfy lay of an old comforter folded just right in a closet with shoes I never wear. That’s the simple. But I had no couch in my simple and my quiet for the Orange. My simple was tested and my quiet got a little loud, or at least as loud as it could be, a little tuneful at times. He layed on my chest unwelcome for four years making it difficult to breathe.

You can almost miss him, but not really. The daily derision you rightfully showered him with, wishing you could do it one on one, making you feel better in your mind with an imagined confrontation over these four years of a tinpot’s imagined dictatorial reign is easily missed.

Can you take a break for a second now? Sure, but Joe Biden is just a treatment not a cure. He’s what makes us, some of us, feel better at the moment, allows us to maybe take a step back and assess just how we went wrong. Will that assessment come easily? No. Will it amount to anything? Couldn’t tell ya. Another four years can be short. There were losses in this win, big ones, and the damage is extensive, our democracy has taken a hit that will be difficult to recover from. Flaws have been exposed. This cancer won’t just go away now, it will continue to attack our core even when we’ve figured out how the remote for the bed works, tall back, short back, under knees bumps while doctors and nurses hover.

This treatment probably won’t be enough.

It’s a weird day. For the unknown. One man, one man in a nation of millions was enough to turn our world upside down, sideways, ass backwards. How do you recover from that? Knowing now that that’s possible?

A friend said to just breathe now Steve.

I’m trying.

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