Being For The Benefit Of All That’s White (And A Moscow Mitch)

(to the Beatles “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite)

Day 10 of a Trump parody tune a day for 17 days until the election.

Sticking with the Beatles today and one on Trump rallies from a year ago.

(originally posted at Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot August 8, 2019)



Being For The Benefit Of All That’s White (And A Moscow Mitch) 

For the benefit of all that’s white

We’ll re-visit Nuremberg tonight

So gather round

Fox pundits they will gladly share

Masking bias they no long-ger care

Cage the brown

And four congresswomen we’ll chant send back

Accusing them of being on attack

In this way Trumpy D he poisons the well


The ignorance of this Trump D

Rallies at a furious speed to gather base

The Tucker’s Hannitys are there

Fox and Friends as well don’t care, lets bring the hate

His lapdogs blindly follow suit

Justify his words or just hit mute

And of course Mitch’s elephant dances the worst


The white takes hold at half past black

Un-American the tried true tack

Let’s send them back

He’ll propagate a fantasy, new histry’s order

On favorite stage, he’s got a knack

It’s 2 plus years of prep-a-ration

To induce separation of this Klan

And tonight Trumpy D he’ll go for the kill


(For the benefit of all that’s white

Mitch blocked a bill to try and right

Our voting plight

The Russians he invites back in

Others please come join the din

Truth take flight

A complicit GOP it plans to benefit

Renewed elector’l hack

Free-dom suffers elephant’s wrath

A planned whackety whackety whackety whackety whaaack

Their treason’s always on the attack)


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