It Was A Dead Day

(to the tune of Paul Simon’s “The Boy In The Bubble”)

Day 5 of a Trump parody a day for 17 days until the election. Decided in my sanity saving fun that I came to like Paul Simon tunes after doing  a version of “You Can Call Me Al” (another of my parody faves that will be included here before done). There’s a bounce to them and who doesn’t like a good bounce? A version of “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” will also be in the mix to come. 

But anyway, here is a “Boy In The Bubble” take.

(originally posted in the Attic May 23, 2020)



It Was A Dead Day

It was a dead day

A day to start dying

Cavalier severe consequence

Another bold lie

Masquerading as bravado

Self preservation festering

As it always does


These were the days of self-interest and some bluster

It was the usual roll … call

Of made up facts and imaginary figures

All in a spotlight’s glow

A new ways for a sudden realization

Of a daily narcissistic’s call

These are the days of stupidity and blunder

And Baby I’ll lie, I’ll lie

… I’ll lie


It was a cruel truth

As it swept across a nation

That we weren’t prepared

As we wished we could

Have been more in line

With science not a State News

As the blame game took root

Following us around … us around


These are the days of stupidity and blunder

A Lysol dream much better than vaccine

The way the presser was a mini rally e-vent

Until embarrassment called

The way the pundits try to search a new distraction

A shiny catch of wandering eye

These are the days of stupidity and blunder

And baby I’ll lie, I’ll lie

… I’ll lie


It’s extreme now a violence

A base that’s so inclined to such

Encouraged to stray from the middle of the road

Down an angry dark path of ignorance and bullets

Dead innocents in Michigan for what a maskless sake?


These are the days of cowards passing muster

Try and make a momma so proud

A certain sense of purpose of the stupid

Empowered by the man upstairs

These are the days of stupidity and bluster

Momma’s proud somewhere

So proud a follower of the Trump Dumb Down

In his wake blindly with no care oh yeah


The way you find yourself and your own violence

But then you just have to cry

At the thought that drove you in the first place


Oh my

Oh my …

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