Ode To Donnie Low … (song)



Was feelin’ a bit down home and almost bluesy


Ode To Donnie Low


It was the fourth of year in a constant dumbing despot play

A nation watched him bloat and bluster in another Trump crude display

As is often case what he’s a part of falls into dis-a-rray 

As decorum’s norms at podium fell under loud combative sway

And then it all blew up with warnings of a future could be so dire

Seems Trump and vision future just jumped us off realities bridge


And concern arose in all smart circles of a tried true tell

Of a rigged democracy and to just who he was he trying to sell

That we couldn’t trust results even before they were told

Of ballots that were tossed the ranks of which could soon be swelled

Or of others mailed fraudulent to send Trump to loser’s hell

But now his desperate warning threats just jumped us off realities bridge


And now the white’s the right and condemning well that just ain’t right

It’s a proud boy base of blood and bats and guns all itchin’ for a fight

To just “stand by” is call from boss to save us from an oh dark’s blight

There’s a ‘merica that needs be saved a sad history to re-white

A call to arms in wait for the time when the fight’s just right

So this comes surreal time now for us to jump off that bridge


Now William Low Barr the law helps conspiracies along

Speaks in lawyerly terms of our well used systems being wrong

You can’t trust what you’ve known all along it’s just some pretty birdsong

No, he’ll parrot bogus claims of fraud all to deceive the throng

The Prez is always right and always will be with Low Barr along

While great leader’s tinpot madness just jumped us off realities bridge.


So Low Barr investigates still to revise a past so wrong

There’s an alternate reality he’s mocking up for us be shown

Where there was no interference but a deep state hating Trump all along

No foreign interests who’s agenda Trump’s election could help be sown   

No Vlad or other favorite tyrants whose worlds Trump wish he could own

It’s was a then with help that Orange started jumping off realities bridge


Note:  I left my keyboard as I was writing this for the thought of a pee break which I do a lot these days, just the thought it seems more often than not, but I left it just during writing the bit about Trump’s not disavowing and instead empowering white supremacists. While gone Mimi the Quirky, as she often does, lingered on my keyboard as she stepped across it lightly in her tappy-tap quirky kind of way, but not lightly enough, to try and quickly commandeer Shoes’s chair before I returned.

She lightly cat footedly typed this …


… that’s a lot of “K’s” and you could interpret the p[p[p[p[p[p[p[p[‘s as a sort of raspberry sound if you will.

Though a bit exaggerated, nicely done Memes.

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