Marvin the Microphone

So new addition to the family here at the homestead the Friday before last. Meet Marvin the Microphone so named by my sis after I sent her a picture that weekend. Funny but she responded that it looked like a robot and that I should name it Marvin even though she doesn’t remember much of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, if any at all, which just happens to be one of my favorite books (series) of all time (if you’ve never read it you are missing out, especially if you have a Monty Python type sense of the funny and the silly and absurd). She doesn’t recall the character of Marvin, the depressed and bored robot from that classic series of books. Guess my geekiness can unknowingly influence. Probably a family thing.

It was a little expensive, and I’m sure I’ll regret the dollars at some point, but well worth it for now as I was even able to put it to use this past Friday to change the last line of my recent post/song, being able to re-sing it here and not have to head back to my studio at work or wait til I was back in. BONNNNNNUUUUS!! I did though wait till Celie and Matt weren’t home at the house, I didn’t want to alarm them especially if the dogs started crying.

Marvin the Microphone

And now, aside from Marvin (yes, that is Baloo leaning up against the speaker – big fan of that bear) a picture of a baby Raccoon and his pals … just because and it’s an easy way to “punch up” a post right? HeHeHe!

A little blurry, except for the one as they are quite squirmy.

Note: My landlady, Celie, owns and runs an animal rescue and shelter, HVARS, here in the Hudson Valley. I live above the garage in a wonderful apartment with my 3 cats, Bella and the Unintentionals. Just wanted to explain the pic of this rascally little one and his pals. Didn’t want you to think there was anything untoward going on, like maybe there’s  something freaky with this guy who is posting pictures of caged baby raccoons. No, this can just be part of the rescue gig here. It’s always interesting days.

Baby Raccoon #1