Wally G’s Of Poughkeepsie

With all of what’s gone down in the last 3 months (just talking the mundane here mind you), all that has been put aside, all the normalcy that has been put on hold, I thought one of people’s silliest concerns was how they haven’t been able to get to their hairdresser or their barber. To me, vanity, a new cut or simply a more manageable doo was a little low on the list of priorities.

But, with things slowly opening up now, I think I may have more of an understanding as to why this was so important to folks as I was able to get to Wally G’s of Poughkeepsie this past weekend. He’s actually pretty close to the stead here so it’s a quick run. I hadn’t visited him in a while though, more out of laziness than anything else, but once I did it was nice to catch up. We talked, or at least I talked is more to the point, Wally isn’t much for conversation. It is nice though to feel a little lighter.

Plus Wally G only costs me 18 bucks, which isn’t a bad price for a barber’s cut these days especially when you divide that by the number of haircuts over the last year and a half or so since I bought a pair of clippers at Walgreens. And yeh, “Wally G’s” shop IS pretty close, my shower and a looking at the mirror across the bathroom is pretty close. (showers not running by the way, just an easier spot for the fallen cleanup).

And considering, as I posted recently, that I’ve worn the same pair of sweat pants to work every day, 5 days a week, for into the 11th week now or so just because I think it’s funny (hey, every Saturday is a wash day so stop judging before you start thank you) it’s not like “looks” are really a concern of mine (day 5 each week of said sweatpants maybe should be though). Plus, I save on shampoo.

There’s only going to be one issue, and that’s if my glasses get bigger relative to my face moving forward, because if I start to even approach anything closer to what could be a younger Elliot Gould in the Ocean’s movies I might have to seek an intervention, or at least a Go Fund me page to help me get something other than a frame out of the cheap plastic bin at the eye Doc. Shit, even that actual bin is cheap, the kind of thin plastic that bends and dents and folds just looking at it.

Thanks Wally G. I’d leave ya a tip but well … you’re a pair of clippers and that would just subtract from my estimated savings anyway.

(Oh, the Mimi the Quirky and Bella pic is their unstated staring opinion of the new cut. Thanks you two … just lie to me next time will ya)

Wally G

Fberry Doo #1

Mimi and Bella look after new doo

Fberry Doo #1 sans glasses

Empty Rose Garden Promises And A Saddening Messiah Walk

“I am … an ally of all peaceful protesters.” Trump from Rose Garden June 1

“now, be gone with you with tear gas and rubber bullets so I can take a disingenuous, shameless and awkward photo with a bible that somehow didn’t burn my fingers in front of a church that I’ve almost never visited even though it’s right across the way from the house and then build a 30 second campaign like video of my imagined strength and triumtrumphantyness (that’s a word right? well, it is now … I’ve got the best words)”

So there is this opinion piece attached below which is spot on concerning this, with also some really on point observations of Ivanka, and one that saves me from writing my own as she says everything I’m thinking just more eloquently, but there is also this statement in the middle of another article on this same embarrassing moment, a statement from a Trump spokesperson, Judd Deere …

“At a time when President Trump has called on all Americans to join him in prayer for the Floyd family and for our Nation, it’s cowardly and disgusting to question the President’s deeply-held faith or motives for paying his respects to one of our oldest and historic churches,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement. “President Trump believes in God, he believes in this country, and he believes in her people, and under his leadership we will come together and emerge stronger than before.”

Now how about we break this down Judd? Trump asking us to join him in prayer is just an empty, standard appeal as this is a man who doesn’t pray Judd, or if he does it’s only “As Seen On TV” and Christianity to him is just a voting bloc to pander to though I’m sure he absolutely loves the messianic proclamations of he from some of his overly zealous disciples.

He has no ability or care for compassion or empathy, the concept of being selfless and doing charitable things or simply helping out the other guy is completely foreign to him unless it comes with a reward and public approval, he sees truth only as something to manipulate for his own ends, all things very un-Christian like Judd so don’t you DARE call any of us “cowardly or disgusting” (channeling Donnie or not completely inappropriate words that make no sense in the context by the way) to question the President’s faith when we see a complete lack of it on a daily basis and to question his motives is something we have to do with everything Trump, to steel and prepare ourselves for the worst just in case, not just these obvious photo-ops where he is simply and so very transparently and disturbingly using religion/bible as a political prop.

And as to “under his leadership we will come together and emerge stronger than before”? Yeh, how’s that workin’ out for ya so far Judd and please, whatever you’re drinking to come to a conclusion like that, in the land of the Trump intentional divide, has gotta be some pretty potent, mind altering shit. Careful though, it’s most probably highly addictive.


Robin Givhan  – The Washington Post

Trump’s photo with his loyalists was a vulgar mess. And Ivanka brought a handbag.