Accidental Reminders

I’ve never been one for finding any importance in holiday weekends, no matter the occasion, other than having a Monday off. But I know for a great deal of us they can be kinda big, yearly gatherings of family and friends, a grill fired up, a beer or two cracked, an eventual argument about politics or religion with that one aunt or that one uncle even knowing you shouldn’t go there.

But, obviously, this one is different. Though I’m all too happy to spend my time with Bella and the Unintentionals in relative quiet (other than my still Alan Parsons soundtrack), the usual weekend for me I know, just with some open windows now, not really concerned with whatever it is that I’m “missing” as we deal with this new normal, a one that continues to require care and forethought, I still understand the miss. I understand that as people are still hunkered down, having had to adjust, that this is a Memorial Day Weekend like no other.

Some of you may have refrained from the gatherings to walk or jog around your neighborhoods, maybe continuing what you’ve been doing all along during this time, exercise a recommended precaution, doing MORE gardening, maybe starting that DIY project you’ve put off since the mid 90’s, taking up painting with old Bob Ross shows for guidance, or you could be Skyping/Zooming with family and friends (as I did last night with two old college friends, man, I miss you two) in lieu of not actually welcoming them through open doors or maybe you’ve just tossed caution and are having a get together anyway. Whatever the case may be I hope for all it is a good and safe weekend.

Me? I decided, after posting a new tune in the Attic, to just go through some old stuff as I transfer files from my old PC to a new one. Yes, I had to buy a new computer and yes, I still have to have a desktop, laptops annoy me (dumb ass mouse) dinosaur that I am. I hate seeing 600 bucks minused from my checking account, it scares me, but my old girl was starting to have some issues and it was time I guess, especially before I lost a lifetime’s worth of shit to a maybe dreaded blue screen..

In my transferring and finding of old files though I came across the one I wrote for my little wonder, Blink, the kitten I brought upstairs in what seems like eons ago. Yes, it can be easily found in the Attic, with a bit of scrolling through the months, but accidentally coming across it in this process made it more worthwhile … and tearful. Who doesn’t need a good memorial day cry right?

It’s also definitely a Frankenberry tell.

In Just A Blink

Blink top of cat tower
-blink the kit



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