Cat On A Cold Tile Roof Too

When I got home a couple of evenings ago I saw another member of the cast of “Cat On A Cold Tile Roof”, Sunny, rehearsing, until I so rudely interrupted her, which she staringly, glaringly pointed out, just before she turned with a dramatic flourish, paused and then walked away (oh, she’s good).

Sunny long shot #1

Sunny look down #1

Sunny look away #1

This new take on the classic play, which has absolutely nothing to do with the source material (though when pretty boy Maine Coon, Penny, meows one of his longer meows you can almost imagine he’s saying “Tennessee” … or maybe it’s “when feeds me” … or it could just be “meow”) has been a huge critical success … universally yawned at, layed on and scratched around by almost every cat publication under the napping sun, even some dog magazines, though I think most of those reviews are just being sarcastic, well, as sarcastic as dogs can get (not really their strong suit, they’re more dad jokes and slapstick).

After rehearsals were done for the day though I did get a visit from a couple of other cast members, including Handsome, who, from seeing how good looking he is, you might assume is one of the stars of the show but he is not. He’s just the humble prop cat, but he knows everyone’s lines, every character’s motivation, even helps the stars stay on page when necessary. Team player. You never know, maybe he’ll get “noticed” one of these days and it’ll turn into one of those truly magic stage stories … he just has to stop trying to hipmotize people.

Handsome roof #2

Handsome roof #3

And there’s Millie, who wanted to practice her “pop up head” before checking the strength of the audience partition, like the chicken wire in Blues Brothers, for it’s ability to keep the rabble out during show times.

Millie Pop Up #2

Millie Pop Up #1

Millie Screen #1

You’re all good Millie. You can trust us. And if we do throw anything it’ll be cat food cans not beer bottles.

Now on with the the show.