Cat On A Cold Tile Roof

Boo on a Cold Slate Roof

Cat On A Cold Tile Roof starring Honey “Boo” Bob Tail

“Moving yet indifferent performance! Even my allergic roommate teared up” – Cat Fancy

“Left me with gunk in my eyes” – Catster

“Great new production minus all the human trappings, drama (cough … cough … cough … Ackkkkk …. spit …) and uncomfortable subtext” – Modern Cat

“Hey!!! Litter box here!!!! Little privacy??!!” – Cat’s Mind

Performances randomly at the Wiltse Manor on the Hill Theatre … surprise cast changes … like good ol’ neighbors just dropping by to say meow … right outside your window it seems!

“Almost feels like the cast is walking, no running on your head” – Mousebreath

“4 paws up … wait … 4 paws up? … belly rub time!!!” … whoa, hold on … slanted … rolling off the roof …” – Total Cat

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