Taking A Moment With The Rain King

You know there’s something to be said about taking a moment, even at 3 in the morning on a Saturday night (Sunday early), so much in your head, sleep not coming, and being just in the middle of that “I got time” (Sunday) to “Dammit, I gotta get back at it” (eventual Monday) but enough to kick a foot or two back, for just that moment, headphones on, and Counting Crows “Rain King” filling your noggin. Bits and pieces plus the chorus of this freaking tune have been rattlin’ round my brain for 25 plus years now, might as well give it a listen in full anew huh? … even if it still makes me cry, all these years later. Not the song, but a so fondly remembered time.

Old girl Mimi the Quirky lays to your right at your PC desk, her favorite spot while you scribble at a keyboard, her quirk finally done while she does some no longer quirky simple sleepy purring, Cricket the Blind enjoys the foldover plush scent of a fresh change of sheets that you’re dearly anticipating behind you and “little” Bella clutches and lays on a favorite pillow on her couch in the living room after a long day at the Vet to check her Steve’s worry. She doesn’t like you right now. But you are still the Rain King, good or bad.

Then quiet.

There’s something to be said about taking a moment.


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