High Drama And Misdirection! Oh, My!

Oh, the drama!!

First, let’s not buy into the Bully Theater of the Matt Gaetz (Trump’s version of a thick-headed though pretty wimpy hockey goon) led “storming” of the impeachment inquiry to order pizza, some homophobic chicken sandwiches and stand around looking stupid for five hours. This was nothing more than poorly scripted and worse acted window dressing of their spin as they try to muddy the waters and sell that these proceedings are unfair and unconstitutional (which is just TOO funny considering the source), aren’t transparent enough and somehow aren’t allowing due process by being held behind closed doors. They might wanna refer back to Trey “I’m a profound joke and hubris always catches up” Gowdy and the Benghazi hearings to temper their playacted outrage.

Oh, the drama!!

Know this: The Dems are following the rules established by the Republicans in 2015 and this WILL be public eventually and according to those rules.

Know this: It was the juvenile stunt of the “Gang of Dumb” that was against the rules.

Know this: There are a dozen Republicans from three committees behind these closed doors allowed to question the witnesses just like any other. Oh, and all twelve were part of the “storming” even though they could have just walked right in.

Oh, the drama!!

Don’t mind Lindsey “Trump has some serious shit on me” Graham and his toothless resolution to condemn the impeachment inquiry. This again, is just more theater, a chance to get in front of the cameras, say dumb stuff and continue to desperately try and paint a picture that Dems are doing something wrong in the way they are going about this when they are not.

It’s just like in a mob family I guess, the Lieutenants’ll do anything to protect the Don…and their own asses in the process.

Oh, the drama!! (and simple minded smears)

Then there is Stephanie Grisham (the worse Sarah Sanders…I know…WTF!?…Really?!) approving, on Fox News of course, “We do Propaganda, You do blind”, of Donnie Dictator’s referring to those who oppose him as ‘human scum’. Seems to me that makes us the new deplorables, just on the other side right? Now, I knew that whoever replaced Hucksterbee would also be a liar, just like her, I mean you can’t speak to the lies without also lying right? But I didn’t imagine that whoever it would be could be worse. Alas, I was wrong.

I was certainly no fan of the often condescending and dismissive and obviously untruthful Hucksterbee, but there was a certain genuine earnestness in her disingenuousness that I almost miss now, and I knew that she supported her boss but Stephanie? Oh, she is just straight up kool aid crazed zealot, more in the mold of brown shirts Kellyanne and Laura Ingraham than Sarah.

Oh, the grave concern!!

The unabated abuse of power as Donnie continues to use what he feels is his personal law, William “The Low” Barr and the DOJ, to go after his opponents in only the finest of autocratic fashion as the review of the investigation into Trump, Russia and the 2016 campaign is now a criminal investigation with conclusions certainly already drawn. Barr, a devil’s perfect right hand, has even said so himself.

This turning of what is supposed to be an independent DOJ into just another political tool for Trump to exact revenge and bend the law to his will, like any good despot, should scare the hell out of all us. And it’s also another example of the dangers that Trump’s ego poses as he will stop at nothing, stoop to no low too low in order to revision history and the facts surrounding the 2016 election. And his ego doesn’t mind if the revising is bold faced lies…he’s well accustomed to them and they are the only place where he finds comfort, finds legitimacy. In lies. As he himself would say … ‘sad’.

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