Facebook’s Marketplace & Albie the Stalking Algorithm

Facebook post 10-21-19:

So I’m wondering just what it is in my history at Facebook, maybe it’s all the items I haven’t bought for the home I don’t own from my apartment recently, that somehow has me in some sort of algorithm where I get notifications from Marketplace for an Old Cast Iron Pipe Stove (that only MAY be functional) and a Leaf Blower?

Cast Iron Pipe Stove w Leaf Blower

Now admittedly, the cats would probably love curling up on a rug in front of the pipe stove and the leaf blower could come in handy for dusting (single dude – no dusting DNA) but other than that I think I’m good.

I’m just waiting now for notifications for a lawn mower, a chainsaw, maybe a freezer or possibly even a shed (which I’d probably have to think about – ya know…to make a fort).


Followup Facebook Post 10-23-19:

A couple of days ago I posted wondering of just what it was in my history at Facebook that might have suggested to their Marketplace to send me notifications on an Old Cast Iron Pipe Stove and a Leaf Blower, especially since I’ve been a non-homeowner-apartment-dweller for the last 5 years and generally, the largest purchases I make are socks, a second container of food from Adams hot bar or maybe the 40lb bucket of kitty litter at Stop N Shop.

So, after noting that I was good on the need for an Old Cast Iron Pipe Stove or a Leaf Blower I jokingly mentioned that I was just waiting now for notifications for a lawn mower, a chainsaw, maybe a freezer or possibly even a shed.

Well, late last night I got my first notification from Marketplace and then this morning my second for an actual chainsaw. As you can imagine I was VERY excited as I have never owned a chainsaw and this is just the time of year to purchase one, especially if Facebook’s Marketplace presents you with such an opportunity. I’ll just have to check with the seller to see if the chainsaw also comes with a scary pig mask and a heavy rubber apron.

Another thing occurred to me though during this, and that was how quickly Albie the Algorithm stalked my post to notify me of chainsaws and I thought, well, why not try my luck and say….?

…so just waiting now for Marketplace notifications for a bag full of an obscene amount of cash in small unmarked bills, a mail order Russian bride who loves Democrats and is black hat crazy skilled with computers, maybe old shoe boxes of baseball cards and original stocks found in grandparent’s attics or, and I’ll repeat this one, possibly even a shed (I just really want to make a fort. Got a shitload of pillows and blankets at the ready)



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