A Cat Guy and a Weekend

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m something of a cat guy. Yeh, who knew huh?

Well, while my landlady and also dear friend, Celie, has been enjoying some much needed sun and down time away from the cold and dire “tune in tonight to find out how we will all die” cold weather predictions, I’ve been minding the kit kaboodle.

Now there are, of course, mine. My Bella Girl in her (and my dearly missed Shoes’s) first of my 2 computer chairs right next to me as I type, always, kitten china shop Blink and some warm laundry’s pause, old quirky, fragile girl Mimi (Memes) finding that same warm pause and Cricket the Blind of the wailing meow quietly grabbing a cat nap on a Steve bed.

But there is also a Honey Bob Tail, or “Boo” as I like to call her, the uber cool Lebowski-like dude Bruce and his seeming lazy eye, big boy Buck in his finest of tux, Florida and her perfect orange, Handsome, perfectly named and who’s always a nose to nose swivel head nudge with me on my come homes, Lola of the silent meow, Sharky my assistant chef at dinner time and the aloof, secretive Trucker who just appears. Really, he just appears. No idea from where.

Missing for the moment? Dolly who you can sometimes find in the sink and say “Hello Dolly” with a musical nod, Millie who you can often never find and Cujo who has earned his name but is still, though be wary mere humans, a good boy. Oh, and there is the other Bella, of bird type, who decided to tap tap around on the hardwood and check out the me taking pictures. She is not one to be excluded.

How was your weekend?

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