Sometimes…We Own Time, If Only For A Moment

Sometimes you just have a night where time it seems to slow down, where it seems to stand still. Now, obviously, that’s not possible, as time doesn’t slow down, it is, after all, time. It marches always at the same clip forward not mindful of or caring for us at all, relentless bastard that it is, but still there are those moments where it really does feel as if it gives us a pause. Like maybe those nights where you dream, vivid, colorful full blown movie-like dreams, and you wake to check the actual here and now time. 4 or so am. You get up to pee and you go back to bed/sleep, jumping right back into that movie of dreams, scene after scene playing out in all it’s down to the last detail glory and you roll over and wake again. It’s now just 4:24. And you’ve lived an entire movie or more it seems, hours upon hours i what feels like real time. You roll back over. This movie of your dreams continues, maybe even to its finale, and the next time you wake it’s only 4:42. Wonderful that way sometimes huh?

That’s the time slow I’ve enjoyed tonight (this morning), though fully awake, in the quiet of a perfect warm colored little lamp lit apartment as I tinker with words while 4 cats sleep undisturbed by my soft foot putzing around this perfect.

When I can spin and roll back in my second computer chair to take a walkaround without waking my Bella laying right next to me in the first, when I can do said soft foot putzing past sleeping cat kitten tornado Blink and she stays put on the futon on a just worn Steve sweatspant, not caring of my movements, not even raising an eye or an ear, when I can I can check an old, fragile, quirky Mimi girl (Memes) on a shelf in my computer desk or a Cricket the Blind leaned up asleep on my pillow on the bed while I do quiet? Yeh, time, it does indeed seem to stand still. I’m good with such a moment. Time? I think I just owned ya…if however briefly.

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