The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny – "Lie Together" – Song

And as little ditties about pathological liars and their equally untruthful henchpeople go…

Lie Together

Here come ol’ Ornge top
He come slinkin’ up lie-like
He once boo boo footfall
He fake holy roller
He got lies his base refuse to hear
he prop-a-gandize un-til he’s a bug in their ear
She wear no truth shine
podium barker mob moll
she got indignation at a press corp’s truth call
She say, I tell you, you list-en me
You best be buy my bullshit or it aint comin’ free
Lie together
After me
State News corruption
it’s Fox stories or nothin’
They laud faulty numbers
fact check pause they’ll mock ya
we got base who just be-lieve decree
you’re just an en-emy until you see what we see
Lie together
Trumpy D
We tell you our thing
It’s a pretty unreal thing
and we muddy the waters
this swamp’s got no filter
T say one plus one is bill-ions to me
it’s magic math that the base just adores to believe
Lie together
enda days
Trumpy D
Lie Together
Cry together
Blame together
Truth whatever
Strife together
Divide together
White forever

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