Trump’s Ego Wall: Just Trying To Stay On Page

So let me see if I’ve got this straight.

Despite an only dreamed wall surrounded Mexican mountain of video evidence to the contrary, Trump’s latest spin will now have you believe that he never really said that Mexico would pay for his base red meat ego wall, that he never said that they would just write us a check, though his 2016 campaign website said essentially that, that any reporting of this wealth of video evidence is fake news, that current and former Mexican Presidents of course now, apparently, DIDN’T directly respond to the boast by saying “we won’t pay for your fucking wall” and he says, instead, with his always illusory almost magical Trump math (no one understands finances like Trump does – as all those bankruptcies will attest) that Mexico would somehow be paying for it through the reworked NAFTA deal (the Trump oh so originally and deftly re-named “United States Mexico Canada Agreement”- surely ‘agreement’ being the only difficult word find in the fresh naming – a new deal that really only makes some moderate changes to the original but was more just theater to try and support the illusion that Trump is a master negotiator) and that Mexico, paying for it in this way, would prove out the promise that he now says he never made?

That about it in a nutshell? Just trying to stay on page is all, especially considering the furious and daily onslaught/insult of lies coming from this President and his administration.

For Trump supporters who balk when his detractors call him nothing more than a simple (simple being the operative word) con man?

If you can actually buy this nonsense, this latest bold face lie/autocratic style attempt at revising the past and insisting a new State truth present, then you deserve the snake oil you’ve bought…every last, fake gold gilded made in China case of it.

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