The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny – Musical Interlude – "Great Ego Wall" – The Lyrics

Well, it’s just been a damned musical interlude type weekend now hasnt’ it? One more singalong from the Trump Treehouse. Invite your friends on stage…raise a beer…cheer the hecklers.

Great Ego Wall

Today is gonna be my day
That we’ll build it Red White and Blue
You know your dollars I will throw
At a problem that I’ve warned you’ll rue
No, I will build hysteria
A nation’s call to hate and watch it grow

Brown beat, we’ll get ’em in a sweep
At the border stopping all trespass
Moms / kids we’re evening the score
Don’t worry it’s a lighter gas
Just don’t believe they’re innocent
I’m busy building fears
Here and now

Cause all my no bid builders got a handshake
They’re loyal friends I promised them a real take
There are many ways for me
To force you to my will
And I’ll show you how

Cause baby
A wall is gonna be what saves me
It’s after all
A Great Ego Wall

Write a bill attach the money now
Or the government it won’t get paid
I’ll make up numbers for the base
Cause my magic math it really plays
250 Bill-ion dollars lost is what I’ll say
What’s 25?

Cause all the GOP they do my bidding
I want this fucking wall and I’m not kidding
Even Cruz is on my side, he’s such a spineless wuss
And he loves me now

Cause baby
The wall is my sure twenty twenty
I just gotta ball
This Great Ego Wall

I said pay me
Your money’s gonna be what saves me
And I want it all
My Great Ego Wall

Don’t play me
The Browns are the Devil’s playthings
When done we’ll have a big flag group sing
We’ll shoot guns in the air to new King…..

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