In A #TrumpDumbDown World A Necessary Moment Of Zen – "Kittens Drinking Water Rather Quickly"

While we live in this new profoundly ignorant era of the #TrumpDumbDown, where the bar has been set so comically low to accommodate the un-learned, so con-manelly low that we’re forced to combat a charlatan from a new, practically negative level and grudgingly accept the fight with this undeserved so-self-called genius, set so low that we can still berate the press with Lenin-esque exclamations of “enemy of the people” at yet another ego rally while calling for unity (or obeisance in a Trump world) all while celebrating the beating down of a journalist by a lapdog congressman, elected in spite of such, and just days after another journalist being brutally murdered for simply publishing unkind truths and not be called out on it, a bar set so low that some are willing to buy any snake oiled “truths”/lies we still get our moment of Zen.

Attention span…MAGA. “Cover me!”…”locked and loaded”…”is that a kitten?”…”did it say something about Trump?”…”mail it a bomb!”

…we still get 3 seconds of “Kittens Drinking Water Rather Quickly” (as played by little ‘Go-Cart’, who would eventually become ‘Blink’, in a Seinfeldian venture just minus all the annoying dialogue) and we still hope. Vote. Vote with urgency.

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