Mitch McConnell: Weasel King

Of all players in White House circles over the last 2 years, from the Orange Devil on down, has any proven themselves to be more consistent at being a power mad, condescendingly hypocritical little weasel than Mitch McConnell? Now, mind you, there’s plenty of Trump weasel’s, Lindsey Graham being the most high profile lately, but he and the rest are mostly just of the sycophantic, pursed lips, bent knee, ring kissing, lap-dog kind (think Devine Nunes with a collar).

But Mitch is a special kind of weasel as he pompously scolds Dems and the left for their treatment of poor, unhinged, Brett Kavanaugh, and bemoaning some sort of breakdown of the process while also seeming to have a pretty short memory. #MerrickGarland. He will force a fast vote even before, if need be, what will be an incomplete, whitewashed, unthorough FBI investigation is concluded (extremely limited scope and in less than a week to start but then expanded so we’ve been lied to but still to end within a week? Right). He feels he can get the votes right now especially if GOP double agent, Joe Manchin, folds and decides on possible political survival in a red state over what is right or if Heidi Heitcamp does the same. And of course there’s Collins, Murkowski and the great pretender, Flake. Mitch knows they’re just empty words.

Mitch REALLY wants this one. Kavanaugh is the GOP’s backwards agenda unicorn. He is pro-corporate anti-worker, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-civil rights, anti-Roe vs Wade and most importantly he is pro-unfettered Executive Power with no check of possible prosecution. And for somebody who is also power-mad with serious autocratic intent like Donald Trump? That’s just really fucking dangerous. I mean, you know Trump didn’t shadily go behind closed doors (though, in his defense, shady is his M.O. – he does NOTHING above board) with a sitting Supreme Court Justice who had proven to be a swing vote over the years to strike a deal for the most politically advantageous timing of his retirement (Kennedy has surely been compensated well) without also personally vetting his successor for blind loyalty and partisanship? And we saw that partisanship on full display at the recent hearings with his Clinton conspiracy nonsense just one of numerous examples.

No, for Mitch and the GOP Kavanaugh is that unicorn, a Trump bought and paid for hard 5-4 on the court. This one is too important to lose and over what, something some woman claims? All the too powerful white men just say “pshawww” to that. Or now easily found instances of Kavanaugh lying under oath? Since when has that been important right? They will find no low too low, no hypocrisy they don’t like, they will justify any awful behavior (as they do daily with Trump) and use the tried and true Trump-style claiming of victim status to get this partisan hack confirmed.

Mitch, the Weasel King, can be inspiring this way.

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