An Earworm Dilemma (the universe obviously hates me)

Sure sign the Universe is making you pay for something or just flat out hates you.

Was leaving the station(s) last night and playing at Randy’s (prod boss) desk was WGHQ, “Magic”, and I walked through “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves” on my way to the back door.

It followed me in my head to the car, in my car until I hit the CD player, but it waited patiently until … out of my car, into Stop & Shop, around Stop & Shop, to the check out at Stop & Shop where I layed my money down, out of Stop & Shop, into my car a second time until I again hit the CD player, but insistent bastette that it was it waited patiently once more until, out of my car, past the din of the furry and feathered downstairs, up the stairs to the girls and until I could finally make it to the television for a saving.

When I woke up this morning I was good for a moment, ahhhhhhhhhh, I thought … gone … until … she was a gal in trouble and hadn’t seen that smooth southern bastard for a while, for a while … AGAIN!

Oh, Son of a Bitch!! Seriously Universe?!! Look, I know I don’t necessarily lead an exemplary life but I couldn’t have done anything THAT bad!!

“What’s that Universe?”

“At least Grandad’s sellin’ some bottles of Doctor Good to maybe ease my pain?”

“Yeah, real funny Universe, you’re a fucking card”.

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