I saw a facebook post a few days ago from Maria, my always will be friend, no matter, an ex from a time that seems almost so far past that you wonder of the reality of it even though you know it was, asking that folks send a little bit of love Jackson’s way, Jackson the dog, of the wonderful Jackson and Brady dogs at the FrankenGreco Ranch at a time, for his trip to the vet the next morning.

Now I didn’t know that he wasn’t doing well, was in a bad way and then I got a breaking down phone call from her that he had passed, a quick bastard cancer passed, a lung filled passed, a had to say goodbye passed, a shared time break down 12 years later for both of us. Though it’s been eight years since our time I would still often think back to puppy days and growing dog days and the crazy coexistence of all the fur we harbored. An old dog, an old cat and a not so old one and a kitten and two puppies who would eventually turn shit upside down in the best of possible ways.

Jackson was Maria’s guardian, Brady his wingman in the guarding “watch our backs Brades” he would say I thought and he owned her. He would occasionally take a break from this though and marvel at a kitten, a little Bella who joined us about a year in then, following her around, like, well, a puppy dog, doting, fascinating, cleaning her ears while she took little kitten nose swipes, “You know I could eat you right?” Man, he loved that little Bella and she loved him in kind.

But Jackson was a Maria and Maria was a Jackson and the rest of us were just a rest of us, you knew where you stood.

Well time, you fucker, you march and Jackson is gone now, as is that old dog, Shana, and that old cat Benny and that not so old one, Shoes, who would bring me so much heartbreaking joy, but what is left still marches as well, fur footed, Bella and the Brades. Now there’s a band name huh?

You were a good boy Jackson.

The best of boys.

(from May of 2010 and how Jackson and Brady came to be)

Spring Sprung Puppies

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