Salad Dogs

It’s cold. I hate cold. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. It’s a thing that makes me question every year where I live, not that it’s a real cold comparatively speaking, not a place where you could REALLY question where you live, places in videos that make you put on an extra layer or two or three and grab unnecessary mittens to wear around even in a warm house at just the view in your comfy where water is maybe thrown in the air to immediately frozen pretty air portraits wondering of how people can live like that, but it’s still cold here. Just sayin’.

As I did my daily weather report, a one put in the can to run for a few evening hours for a little radio station that could here in the Hudson Valley, right before I left for the day, I noted that it would be single digits in the overnight along with the always dramatic DUM DUM DUM of wind chills dropping the temperature to imagined bone levels where we’re all gonna die.

Gotcha wind chill. Fuck you wind chill. Just me tell me, me tell you what the temperature is gonna be, period. I’ll prepare and raise a collar and don my army surplus jacket with a hood and extra pockets for hand warmer packets and double sweats for the end if need be, no wind chill warnings necessary.

When I got home, looking forward to nothing other than being home on a cold night, as cold nights will have you do, furry girls in their spots just past the top of the stairs, there was a little shelter guy who is new to the house downstairs for the moment, an acclimate to other dogs and some cats little fella who looks like he could use a salad, a little puffy puffer fish of a thing with a tiny dog head who yip yaps until, to his surprise, you give a little under chin scratch of attention. A one who didn’t know this warm. Yip yaps yawn.

It’s cold outside, but need salad dogs stop their yip and their yap with a sudden knowing.

“I gotcha little man, kinda nice this warm and the under chins huh? Now how’s about a bit of jog when things aren’t so cold? You’re lookin’ a little chunky my friend”

And I was able to call a post “Salad Dogs” … how cool is that? Though “Salad Day Dogs” would be even cooler and could take things in an entirely different direction.

(any band in need of a name by the way? my managerial costs are small)

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