Cooler Cats

The AC here is temporarily on the fritz, a fix to come, though it’s something I don’t mind really, even with the last few days being balls hot. I mean I’m glad that things have backed off a bit from sun stifling to just not quite but I’m alright with sweat and turning over my pillow. I was alright before this, probably wouldn’t have wanted to turn it on anyway as I’m not a big fan of AC. I’m a single dude so any stench or almost puddles are all mine with open windows and the girls haven’t complained yet, though their absence from the bed these recent nights does give some sweat’s stinky pause.

But I worried of them at Celie’s reminder and of maybe grabbing an AC if I could for the interim during this hot. They’re all older now, my little Bella being the youngest at 10 and there is only so much the tall fans I have are gonna do (though I love my tall fans by the way, two of them that I’m almost proud of, even remember the brand name, “Yeah they’re Lasko’s” over talk with old men and coffee who sing of such things, of great purchases made years ago that you always remark in your head, like those old men might, as you pass the breeze, of what great purchases they were). But it was Celie’s reminder to get my head out of my Ok for the moment and think about the girls. They’re not on the same sweaty plane as you Steve. They wear fur coats.

Now please know that I do not NOT think about my girls, you know me better than that I would think by now, they’re my constant, my thing, but sometimes I forget different comforts. Celie was right, as she always is.

So, telling my Sis of this, Beck, she offered me an AC that she doesn’t use. Cool I thought, literally, I know just the window for it and know the relief that I would feel, and them, that while I was away at work there was a spot here that was just a few degrees cooler than balls.

But that window I had in mind was in the living room, a huge room I don’t use, with, I don’t know, a 20 foot ceiling or something and dust, a lot of single guy dust, I’d measure it and clean but I am only so tall or motivated, but a huge room nonetheless that, with another room, the bedroom, next to it, might make the cooling a bit difficult. So, with another Celie suggestion, I hung a sheet between the bedroom and said unused living room to try and help that “new” AC” be more efficient, make it more of a “room”. It’s an old sheet from an older time that used to cover a comforter, an oversized pillow case (has a fancier name I think but I’m just gonna go with oversized pillow case) something I have kept all these years for no reason and with no purpose other than the memories of pretty toes and smiles sticking out from underneath it.

But, well, old men hold onto stuff, for those memories or maybe for future practical purpose that they will wait, sometimes years, to finally be proven correct in their holdings … “see, I told ya it could be used again”.

Would the girls figgur though?

Well, when I came home on the first of these last balls days, AC now in hand and running in house, my little Bella was on her living room kitchen table, Cricket had found her blind way to next to the couch that I never sit on with a TV with no remote, right next to the base of one of the ugliest side tables you’ll ever not want to see and the Memes was on the top step where I had placed a chair for bit of a sheet layover for one of my old men proud fan purchases to blow a little new, cooler air.

Yeah, they ain’t dumb … they figgur’d.

It does though, almost feel a little bordello-like now, with the attendant seemingly taking a break at the moment while I push back the curtain to pass, but, in this case, only to find comfortable not cathouse cats …

… though, in dreams, a bordello’s thoughts might be interesting.

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