Neo Fascist Man (song – a GOP anthem)

(to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”)

So I ran into some issues with the PC last night that involved myself and Gaurav of India getting to know each other to the point where I think he and I could have had each other’s back in a bar fight and I was forced to fire up the old dude (backups – gotta have backups) in order to put this together, especially as all my apps and other assorted things are gone now as part of an almost complete reset of the new PC. Thankfully it didn’t include my files as part of said reset, though that was something of a roll of the dice at the time as to whether that would be the case. Seems my Windows had pretty much shit the bed and forced Gaurav and I to grab some broken beer bottles back to back and go on faith that I wouldn’t lose everything.

About 4 hours later …

And all I wanted to do was to just get home and hang with my furry girls over a beer or two or three, watch my Buccos get their asses handed to them by the Reds again and work on this. So much for an anticipated Friday.

But Ol’ PC guy came through and I built. Thanks old friend.

It’s Doomsday clock on an everyday

GOP wear a watch

They check their wrists – for the end of us

Great experiment to now call a loss

They say It’s time has passed can ya follow me

It won’t really be all that hard

There’s a new road to take while the truth we will fake

A dead dream just not in the cards

Oh La-la-la de-de da
La-la de-de da la-la

Sing us a song Neo Fascist man

Sing us a song of lies

Rewrite for us a seen history

Till no longer believe our own eyes

Now the GOP practice a longer game

State and by state they block votes

Or they gerrymander – so to stay in command

As they can’t win with votes honest’s go

They say integrity’s at stake in our system here

Must restore voter confidence

And they’ll disenfranchise with no color the prize

And all because of the Big Lie

Oh La-la-la de-de da
La-la de-de da la-la

Now McCarthy holds true his great leader

Kool Aid drunk while supporting the cries

Of an unhinged one, carny barker and some  

Whose show now attracts nothing but flies

And McConnell says partisan politics

Are the only game Dems wanna play

While hypocrisy drips from his marble mouth

Lockstep lemmings minority sway


Sing us a wrong Neo Fascist man

Sing us a song of lies

Rewrite for us a known history

Till we no longer hear as it cries

GOP gambles Dem dreamers

Whose justifies are like some swiss cheese

Manchin and Kyrsten to any who’ll listen

Are standing just notice them please

They’re determined to center attention

Nonsensical their fantasy fight

To preserve the one thing that is killing the dream

Of every last of us be deemed

Oh La-la-la de-de da
La-la de-de da la-la

Do us all wrong Neo Fascist men

Break with democracy’s ties

Cause we’re all in the mood for autocracy

Till we no longer hear our own cries

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