He’s The Deceiver (song)

I’ve discovered after quite few parody tunes over the last number of years that I don’t just like to skewer the Orange, something always well deserved, but that I just like singin’ ’em, that I like the “let go” my little studio affords on an occasional Friday night when the work gang has left to whatever weekends might await them to then just be left alone to my own device, a singular one with headphones on, new words to play and a foot stomp underneath my board that I try my best to edit out or at least soften later on as I’m having fun.

This is another such fun.

Is it any good? Well that’s not for me to decide, I guess. I think they’re all good but to tell ya the truth I don’t really care. I mean, I’d like that you thought they were ok, that lyrically you’d be impressed and that you wouldn’t have to cover your dog’s ears at my singing. But in the long run? They’re only me doing karaoke with new words in my little comfort zone of a studio just minus yet another pitcher of beer and friends egging you on with hands at your back. Fun is fun and that’s been in short supply for a while now. I’ll take it where I can get it or, more to the point, where I can manufacture it.

Here’s to the occasional Friday.


He’s The Deceiver

 I thought e-lections were just a people’s choice

Stand in line or use mail as you saw fit

But he powers in delusions

Make see through his allusions  

To fraud as truth to prove out all his schemes

Then he lost the race

But still the deceiver

Fraud’s the claim

No doubt in small minds

It’s cult love


What a deceiver

True dead believers

Fall in line

A hundred so Repubs did take a bold dumb stand  

Support sedition no matter what the-e cost

Ignoring what we stand for

Destroying what we asked for

Instead just backing true great leaders screams

But we know the face

A one of deceiver  

Though he lost the race

He won he’ll tell kind

It was a scam


He’ll tweet his deceptions

Ask for corrections

Stay by his side




He just keeps on tryin’

Courts take attempts to dyin’

Ignoring all to try to stay his reign  

Now we know his face

The one of deceiver

Preach vio-lence

It’s the only real way

If you want a say


In a new order

Where truth’s still given no quar-ter   

All you’ll get is pa-ain

If you’re not a believer

All you’ll get is ra-ain

Of facts to disdain

Now he’s the deceiver yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a yeah

No he’s the deceiver

Truth’s got no place

No he’s the deceiver

No doubt in small minds

Now he’s the deceiver

No doubt in small minds

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