Sheer Keyboard’s Thanksgiving Thought

It’s been a long year, a too long a year filled with too many painful reminders of how fragile this all is. I wrote a lot of words last night given the time of an extra day/night (a favorite of things), getting lost in waaaaay too many of those words that kept me up, but all of them were shit, thrown away.

I tried to be profound, hoping for a “wow” that didn’t come.

I tried to sound sagely but lord knows, though I’m old and know a few things, I couldn’t pull it off and I knew no one would listen.

I tried to force some of those words through sheer keyboard.

I even thought to ingratiate myself to the myriad pets and their charges who don’t know they’re charges with tails of a simple cat guy owned, maybe even with an “Awwwwww” picture or two. Usually that’s a slam dunk. No go.

I don’t know what your day is, or how you plan to spend it.

But I hope it’s a safe spend and not one of silly defiance.

We’re still breathin’, hopefully without labor or assistance and still talkin’ of such.

Be thankful for that.

A Zoom call awaits with my Mom and Sis and the gang later (brother Nick proving to be the hardest working guy I’ve ever known as always) . I might even wear a tie for Ma just for the laugh.

I mean, gotta look good on Thanksgiving day right?

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