The Frankenberry Synchronized Cat Laying Team: Bella Joins Forces

Recently I posted of the Frankenberry Synchronized Cat Laying team training for the Feline Olympics and of Cricket the Blind and Mimi the Quirky being celebrated members of it, well actually, the only members of it but still renowned within cat laying circles for their perfectly in sync almost effortless laying techniques.

Mimi & Cricket synchronized laying

“They just make it seem so easy” said Captain Marmalade of team Lay Like Ya Lazy “like they could just lay down at any moment right in tandem without even a single signal to each other. It’s almost unfair … the skill”

Well, Little Bella, who qualified in boxing baseball cap brims for the games thought to expand her repertoire and add to this renown of Miss Cricket and the Memes, by joining them to try and help pull off the difficult and sometimes even dangerous “Triple Lay”

“I saw that attempted once … Duluth, at the semi’s …” marveled Fluffernutter (Fluff for short – or Nutter depending on weird cat shit) who’s We Cra-Cra for the Lay-Lay team placed in those semi’s “… but it was a disaster, especially for Sir Meowalot. I remember it like it was yesterday whenever that was. Meowalot’s team All Day Cat Lay had really been laying a clinic for all of us but then he and Snowball and Ms Whiska made the triple attempt. You could tell they were off from the start. Could it have been that errant red dot when one of the crowd accidentally dropped their laser pointer and it went off? Sure. Or that distant sound of a can of food being cracked backstage right at that very moment? Yeah, it’s possible. But whatever it was they just weren’t right.

Snowball circled left, Ms Whiska right but not quite in rhythm, not together and poor Sir Meowalot got confused. He was supposed to just stay in the middle, be the balance, but he instead tried to go both right AND left, screwed himself all up and got a claw stuck in the carpet of the laying field. Then he just sat there with his stuck twisted claw while looking plaintively for help … painful to watch … especially when his human was slow to assist. The Cat Laying governing committee has since changed the laying field rules from exclusively carpet to an option of hardwood. It’s why team Frankenberry is so good and has such an advantage, they have the perfect training facility. I’m envious of that. Our carpeted training site is always being menaced … something about cat hair … by some noisy loud angry monster that sucks the quiet right out of the room and makes me hide under the couch. Apparently, Team Frankenberry’s training site only requires a kinder non-monster quiet sweep thing on a stick, though that’s gotta be difficult to try and hold yourself back from nosing the pile”

So, Team Frankenberry trains, Cricket the Blind, Mimi the Quirky and now Little Bella hoping to achieve glory at these upcoming games. Can they pull of the “Triple Lay” under the pressure of a crowd taking non-stop pictures or talking annoying baby talk pet-style or possible errant red laser dots (or even intentional ones – damned Russian cat teams) and maybe even dinner being served backstage?

We’ll just have to see.

Training though, is going well.

Synchonized Cat Laying Team w Bella

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