Gettin’ Late For Democracy (song)

I’m not a huge fan of this one (maybe it’s the ending I don’t like, the ‘added’ lyrics after the actual song would normally be done) and, as I said in my last post, I was just gonna dismiss it, dismiss it as simply time spent trying. All about the trying right? But I just can’t though. Not gonna dismiss words well worked, plus I did get a thumbs up on them from my pal Rick after sending him a draft. I trust him … and I really kick it out on the third chorus. Hey, can’t just let kickin’ it out on the third chorus go for naught now can ya? HeHeHe.

(to the tune of “Late In The Evening”)


Gettin’ Late For Democracy

The thing we got’s remember

As we lie scared in our beds

Is that there are things that we just have to do


Lethal orange self interest

That is ruling a corrupted roost

That doesn’t really care for a me or you-ou


It’s getting’ late for Democracy

Unless we find a way stay true-ue


We find ourselves at a crossroads now

Where truth is only framed a load

Of some angry liberal lying shit


We have incompetent’s at every spot

Who are really nothing more than sharks

Throwing chum for self as they try to clear the pool


It’s gettin’ late for democracy

Unless we really hit the mark


It is now we have to hit this mark

To walk in a less contentious park

But one where we are still allowed to breathe


It highlights a propagandist blight

An affront to everything that’s right

While pointing out the obvious of lies


It’s gettin’ late for democracy

Unless we can get this right




Need to fight William Low Barr

Who’s so corrupted rule of law

And thinks Prez is that one and only rule


He seems to feel there is no law

That Prez isn’t always above

To the detriment of a me and you


It’s getting’ late for Democracy

And that is ALLLL a me and you




Wanna set the record straight

Dismiss the talk of great

That isn’t what this is all about

Cause it’s obvious that ain’t the case now


Cries of fake a wheelhouse take

Of news that doesn’t rate


It doesn’t fit the narrative of state

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