A Something …

Hey rhyme?


You here?


Word rhymes head stead lost times, crimes, crimes? makes no sense, now you’re just searching words, you’re innocent right dumb nut numb of times absurd, too much a word but not quite enough that would be instead something entirely different had head been  … head … 


… but being done …

Doesn’t rhyme with anything

… with them, me, he, one, poorly done surely just one in search of a poem …

You suck

Poem are you here?


You guys are killin’ me, well fuck, can I at least sing a song?

Please, no

But a little ditty with a drink raised to … imagined heroes run ran ran run taking …

Lame twice

… seriously. Cant I finish?


Shit. I need you poem. I’m trying to build a something and rhyme just mocks me

As she should. But she’s rhyme, so condescending. Thinks she’s the ends all

Rhyme:  Shut up poem

But isn’t rhyme … and aren’t you … ?

No … yes. There’s more to it

Well how should I build this?

That’s not me


I’m poem. I’m the finished product. I can offer no other assistance just unwanted opinion

but …



a catalwaysinalapaoneoncecatinahatallowmethatthispeaceasIsitthey’regoneshe’sgoneI’m  scribbling. Words they don’t come, scuffle scuffle …

Well now you’re just rhyming same words

Shut up poem! I’m just throwin’ shit …

Call me when you’re done

I kind of if like it

Poem: Of course you do

Rhyme: Oh stop, I like simple

… a scuffle’s ruffling, rustling brush to flush out that pretty thrush … to see it fly …

Keep trying

… but where to find where it lands is the question she said it’s just a bird fuck your rhyme just be mine only mine she said …

Issues this guy

Fuck you and your rhyme rhyme, time, it’s not her fault

… can you love me, statement, no question you said almost …

What? I thought


Poem, you’re kind of a dick ya know

What did I say about finished project?

Ahhhhhh, son of a bitch

How about we just open some windows, it’s almost spring, an air of need, fresh start indeed, fuck rhyme, just a start, no I won’t add heart for a word, too easy, but will without the word, instead, just open a fucking window. Mimi the Quirky knows, my Bella knows, Cricket the Blind knows. Man, the air… let it wash fear, near, here, past maybe with a breeze, open a window. There’s a reason why this is perfect apologize, not apologize while three who know all with laps and an open window, it’s what they do, allow, I’m miss ….

To Emily … 

Danielle … 

Maria … 

Poem:  That’s a good bit of miss

I know, it was a me. Remind me to hate you

Poem: Just sayin’. Did you finish yet? I’m waiting

Fuck you poem




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