A Regular Frankenweekend … With Concerns

Facebook – Saturday Evening March 14

After coming downstairs yesterday morning, grabbing a seat across from the couch and picking up little Spanky, the now, unfortunately, one eyed Pirate of a dog in my lap I said to Celie “Arrrggghh (pirate talk) and be alright, but after I be getting home tonight, a bit late after some time in my little studio to be a’fixin’ a few things on my latest sea shantie, I’ll be but hunkering down for the weekend”

spanky the pirate

(I stole the thought of the “be’s” and the pirate talk from a brilliant and funny story I recently read at The New Yorker. Learning The Ropes by Simon Rich. You may have the time now, so take a moment. It be well worth it).

Celie: Corona?

Me: Yeh.

Celie: Stop and Shop in the morning?

Me: Well, except for that. Then Yeh.

Celie: Get cat food, litter, beer, seltzer and small Steve food?

Me: Of course, though no beer. Too early. I’ll be going down when they open at 6. Less people. I’m also all set in the beer regard. Staple already stocked. And then no human contact other than that nice woman who works Saturday mornings there … I want to call her Grace but that’s not it … it’s shorter … Kay maybe. … or Gay … her and possibly that other woman who may pop by to not need to bag my stuff.

Celie: So, just a regular weekend?

Me: Hey! … it’s a hunkering … waaay different thank you Ms smartypants.

Celie: Gotcha.

Well maybe my well honed skills at being anti-social will work in my favor during all this. Tell the universe I didn’t say that out loud by the way.

I did though fix up and finish my latest tune, adding a few soundbites as well as changing the “na-na’s”.

Changing the “na-na’s?’ Now that sounds kinda funny.

I was a “na-na” on the initial “na-na’s”?

“You Can Call Me King” – song



Facebook – Saturday Late Night March 14

Not making light in my last post by the way … (amend) … actually, I was … a little. Apologies. But my admitted anti-social solo tendencies are really a bonus I think, in days like these. I like nothing better than that quick, friendly, early Saturday morning conversation with the Kay or Gay who feels more like a Grace cashier at Stop and Shop but then being done for the weekend. Finished. Kaput. Over. No more people other than those that claim fur.

If I get up with my daily 7a alarm I feel like I’m running late, plus I just hate the thought of getting up at that same regular time like the rest of the week. I’ll be damned if the weekend isn’t on MY time. Even if it means NOT sleeping in, especially when cat naps could possibly be had later. I don’t make nearly enough $$ to have it feel like I have to do it again on the weekend so I like to be up by 6 with the week done by 8 on a Saturday, when I can, laundry down and thoughts aside, other than these. Can’t spend any money just hangin’ with the whiskered girls on your hip and workin’ on a few words or tunes or words on tunes while waitin’ for clean, warm underwear right?

But for those that are feeling anxious, as I am, I have my well wrought, well earned respiratory issues believe me, hang in there. Follow the simple and keep your head down if you can with maybe an elbowed sleeve over your face … just imagine you’re a cliche’d overly dramatic vampire … now go check out my latest post/tune in Frankenberry’s Attic. HeHeHeHe. Hey, we’re all shameless.

Be well all.

Oh, haven’t thrown the requisite Steve’s cats pics up in a little while, along with Pea just being a sleep boss and some Bowls O’ Penny … damn good looking dude that he is, just minus him being kind of a dick an’ all.

Me: Sorry Penny but you is what you is.

Penny: Yeh, point. Can I still follow you around though, ’cause I actually like you but then sort of nastilly grab at your leg as you walk by before looking for a pet? Oh, I’ll probably try to grab at your hand too. I find this interaction to be more on the playful side by the way though some seem to view it otherwise.

Me: Could be their bleeding.

Penny: Point … again.

Me: But Sure. Knock yourself out.

Penny: Cool, thanks.

Me: Anytime.

Bowl O' Penny 2

Bella pillow

Cricket under covers

Mimi computer chair

Pea being boss

Bowl O' Penny


Facebook – Sunday Night March 15

Though getting back at it tomorrow is not something I’m looking forward to, no one really is I imagine, especially with not knowing whether we’ll be/I’ll be tripping over tumbleweeds at work or not making the paranoia worse, there is this.

A get Monday behind you and just make it home.

A Bella in her window, a Cricket the Blind on fresh sheets (been looking forward to them all day, she just beat me to it … smart cat) a Mimi the Quirky who hasn’t realized yet that I’m off the computer where she HAS to be when I’m keyboard scribbling, just to my right, always, a stink bug razing my noggin who I’m calling ‘Ralph’ for a more personalized reference in my cursings at him and that rooster who is hopefully going to a new home soon, though I’ll miss the cockle-doodle-doos underneath my ass in the mornings. They’re kind of comforting actually. Amazing feathers like fur this little guy. I’m thinking Sia could wear him on her head, just having to deal with all the pecking and scratching around of course. He his also Ok with being in the crook of my left arm as I ready garage cat bowls with my right for some dinner. 

(completely aside from all of this zoom in, if ya can, on the picture of Mimi the Quirky on my computer desk where you’ll see a holiday card from the Ulster County SPCA from around 9 years ago tacked to the wall. My Bella is in the bottom left hand corner of that card as a kitten in a stocking … just love that pic)

Night all.

Bella in her window fancy

Cricket comfy sheets

Mimi PC desk

This guy rooster

Facebook – Monday Almost Tuesday (thereabouts) March 16

I ended up not being in today but I did talk to Randy (my boss) and Pamal is closed down for the moment. Still on the air of course, but just the essential folks (hoping I stay such) jocks and Randy and I in production, though with he and I splitting the time. A passing punch in/punch out “Mornin’ Ralph, Mornin’ Sam” sorta thing.

For those that may not have seen my recent meanderings, and thus aren’t quite terribly annoyed with me yet, I took my posts from the weekend and put them into one in the Attic.

I just like seeing them together like this, pics an’ all.

I also want to note, again, that in the first of the three posts, now four, that I combined in this blog entry I briefly talk pirate talk with some pirate “be’s”, ie: “I be this” or “I be that” or “ye better be gettin’ off my lawn ya little scallywags! Got’s me a peg leg I ain’t be a’feared of a usin’, even if it be makin’ me lopsided ta do so!”… you get the idea. I just want to give credit where credit is due and to where that thought came from, that fantastic story from The New Yorker, “Learning the Ropes” by Simon Rich that I came across recently and mentioned earlier. It may be a bit long for this quickie, short attention burst time that we live in but it’s well worth the extra minutes if ya got ’em (and I imagine you just might) and the laughs. I’ll be owin’ ya a gold doubloon, verifyin’ it in me teeth as we speaks, if ya don’t be likin’ it.

Cheers as always gang,

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