Nephew Jake, A Happily “Lost” Phone And Spider-Man

Facebook February 29:

Went to shoot my nephew, Jake, a text earlier but couldn’t find my phone. Did a bit of a not all that pressing search of the apartment.


Remembered I had done my usual run to Stop N Shop earlier, around 8a. Detectived downstairs to discover my man bag in the garage where I apparently had left it while carting in cat food, litter, seltzer, Saturday night beer (staples) and some other grocery store Steve needs to eat kinda things.

Realized when I went to shoot this text to Jake, just now, at 2:45p, that I hadn’t missed my phone for almost 7 hours.

Fucking, unintentional, glorious.

Facebook March 1:

So, after sending that text to my nephew that I mentioned earlier to let him know of my email response to his very well detailed and thought out plot/summary of a story he’s been working on (dude’s already got some chops I’m envious of) I decided to take in a flick. Me and the girls with some lap time on a lazy Saturday night.

Though I am an admitted, self professed sci fi/fantasy geek I’ve never really been one for comics and the Marvel universe or any comic book universe for that matter. I know as a said sci fi geek that that should be wheelhouse stuff and I should surrender my sci fi geek card right now but I’ve always missed the appeal. Maybe it’s the question of what super hero would you be or what one super power would you choose that I always found silly, even beyond my already willing suspension of disbelief. That is though, except for Spider-Man. I still remember, as a kid, crying at the origin story and the tragedy of uncle Ben the first time I read it. Ton of bricks. That was real to me then for some reason but I still would have been him in a heartbeat, heartbreak or not. There was a solitary but powerful loneliness to Spider-Man I could relate to. So I decided to watch the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” on Netflix.

What an absolutely brilliantly imagined and original take on not only Spider-Man, but comic book movies in general. I can’t recommend it more highly. Even old girl Mimi the Quirky took note it seemed while trying her damndest to do innate cat stuff and block the screen. There was a lot of “Meems? … bad spot Meems … move over here Meems … that’s better Meems … no, not there Meems … right here is good Meems … trying to watch a movie Meems … Mom says you’d make a better door than a window Meems … ” and so on …

Cheers all,

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