Intelligent Disease (a Frankenberry throwback)

So last night, while searching for something completely unrelated in my mess of really haphazard and unorganized folders (if only my shit at home were as in shape as that at work) I came across this from 13 years ago, something that I had forgotten about.

It was at the time that a good friend of mine Chris Reno Pellegrino and I were doing a morning show and right around when “Intelligent Design” hit the news cycle in the way of court stories I think. I thought at the time, well, Dire Straits and “Industrial Disease” seems to fit the bill.

This has it’s warts, believe me, as my production skills were severely limited back then and it took me quite a few takes but, still, revisiting it has brought me a fond remembrance of those times and a smile. Who’s to argue with something that can do that these days?

Well, I transcribed the lyrics (in case of a revisit) and added a couple of images to build a video so I could post it. It is my favorite Dire Straits tune and real toe tapper by the way (seriously, it really is…tapping a toe or two right now as a matter of fact). I also think this still has it’s moments 13 years later.

Lyrics included so you can toe tap along with the imagined bouncing ball…


There’s warning lights a flashin’ for Darwinian reprieve
Somebody got a Bible got some Kansans up their sleeve
Their story’s in the paper there’s anger in the town
Somebody blew the whistle and the walls they came down

Theres a meetin’ in the courtroom they’re talkin’ origin
There’s teachers in the same room gotta get a win
Somebody brought that Bible and in the lord they signed
Goodness me could this be intelligent design

The President feels justified in talkin’ to the folks
Refusin’ to be quieted and sayin’ it’s no joke
Adam was Republican and Eve he said was mine
Part of god’s plan in our intelligent design

Now there’s panic in the hallways the Constitution’s nuts
Jesus was intended to show just what is what
But problems do persist in this nation that is mine
Of calling creationism intelligent design

Evangelists are down knew exactly who they bought
A President who’s blinded by his double talk
Of keeping Constitution in it’s rightful place
Of having judges judge by just what’s on it’s face
On Administration Fox TV they pray for a new court
That will take the opinion right on anything of the sort
Of religious nuts who insist theres a point to Jesus signs
And idealogues who invent words that mean … intelligent … design?

Now Doctor Darwin he declared
I’m not surprised to see you here you’re revisiting the scopes
No monkeys be taught here?
I don’t know how you came to teach the Bible as your prime
But worst of all my zealot you’ve got intelligent design

He wrote them a prescription that said here’s Church and State
I’d like for you to realize this and take that off your plate
Come back here when you see that’s it’s not the place or time
To be forcing us to teach your intelligent design

Now I go down to Dover PA where they’re in the muck
Of too many board members that wanted kids be stuck
And some of them said we’re brainwashed
Just mad it’s not by them
But theres some protest realists they’re singin’ a protest song
They say the zealots want a school that keeps the ministries
They wanna have a school that keeps kids on their knees
They wanna have a school that stops the dreaded Darwinese
They wanna have a school that says my god is right you’ll see
They’re pointin out the enemy to keep ya mute and blind
Those Darwinists are evil, and all those of their kind
They speak of evolution and a real rich family tree
But they miss all of the pandas … well can’t ya see it’s me?

Meanwhile Jesus says I think I know just what is due
All you nutjobs in my name you need to get a clue
The new name you made up to lend some viability
Intelligent design?

Aww, Christ, you’re killin’ me

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