The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny – “A Stay In The Strife” – Song

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 06-02-19)

Windmills and time well spent tilting.

A Stay In The Strife


I read the news today, oh boy

Trump’s crooked law set to investigate

Distraction’s cries of being spied

Future des-pot just has to laugh

Conclusion’s writ it’s not a draft


William Low Barr is his new star

Re-cusal not this time full owned AG

Case outcome’s all-ready been made

For roses garden stage

A victim propaganda play to usher base a brand new day


I read a story just to-day

About religious right their prayers have scored

To force the mass to live their way

Back-wards by the good book

Blindness the new look

They love to dummmmmb yooooou downnnnnnn


(It’s rock paper scissors, what do you choose sir?

Rock of course

But paper covers you

Then I’ll be paper

But scissors cuts you

Well I’ll be scissors then

But rock breaks you

Well how can I win?

You can’t really…it’s a check check check

Well that’s not fair…to me…there has to be a win

There are wins, but only temporary sir

Well can I be all three checks?

That’s not how it works sir

Don’t tell me about how things work)


Woke up, feeling of dread

Dragged democracy across my head

Found a few old tales in parchment notes

And looking up the founder’s they did spoke

Found they liked a scene of checks

Keep Kings out of our new stead

But treason’s elephant it’s got a brand new game

Dem-ocracy?…it’s merely now mundane



(You see, it’s all about changing the rules son

But changing them isn’t fair sir

There is no fair

But you just said, to you, the game wasn’t fair

It wasn’t to me then, but I discovered it was rigged and I couldn’t win

It wasn’t rigged sir

Whatever, this is a new fair…my fair

Okay sir but….?

No buts…and everyone I talk to agrees)


So there’s the news today, oh boy

Fake called it is the tried true orange ploy

To gather base who pay no mind

To what real truth may find

It’s daily King con-firmed they’ll buy always the any of his lies

Trump loves to dummmmmb yooooou downnnnnnn


(I’m sorry sir, it’s been decided, you can’t change the rules

Really? Who said that?

Rock, paper or scissors?

Ok, I’ll play along…again…rock

Sorry, but parchment wins

Good luck with that son. It’s just tired old words on paper written by a bunch of tired old men.

Can I borrow those scissors…and a sharpee?)

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