A Next Day Must’s Fact Check On The Night Befores Lie-Fest

(Original post date from Frankenberry’s Attic @ Blogspot: 06-20-19)

Always my favorite thing following the latest “history, apparently, hasn’t taught us a fucking thing” jackboot sentiment propaganda lie fest is the next day’s fact checking article in the Washington Post and there are some doozies from last night to add to the over 10,000 lies already told in just 2 and half years. Which is actually kind of impressive in a sad, perverse kind of way.

There is the usual thrashing at the Meuller investigation being “illegal” somehow, or that it cleared him of obstruction (the unilateral judgement of a paid for loyalist AG isn’t much of a confidence inspiring clearing) when it was noted that charges only weren’t recommended due to DOJ guidelines or that it proved no collusion when it only didn’t find enough direct evidence, though it did find plenty of “wink wink” glad acceptance of the assistance or even the lies to the genesis the investigation. But these lies/misinformation are standard stuff by now, as was most of the speech, but it still included the usual drawer full of Trump magic math and made up #’s, the overly exaggerated or just plain wrong timelines, his never correct talking of anything involving trade and its #’s, the undue credit taking when he was, in a lot of cases, just riding an existing uptick or coattail etc, but my favorite has to be the one he continues to bellow about the GOP Tax Cut Scam, the one he always claims to be the largest package of cuts in history when, in fact, it is eighth.

There were a few blustered new ones you’ll find here but mostly it was an old magicianed hat night, filled with the usual rabid three legged rabbits.

Washington Post Fact Check Story

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