The Trump Treehouse of Tall Stories, Treason & Tyranny – "Till I Check It Myself" The Song

A couple of posts ago, I took a short break from episodes from the Trump Treehouse for a little Georgia Sattelites inspired music interlude as, well, there’s always a little music inerlude (though not always one inspired by the Georgia Sattelites). It’s a tune about Donnie and the Supreme Court and how he gets to put his stamp on it, which is one of the saddest statements of our times that I can imagine.

This and the Treehouse posts are an attempt to keep myself sane in a #TrumpDumbDown World, especially as the IQ drops to that of broccoli – lower for Trump supporters, single cell type stuff.

So Friday night, knowing I had nowhere to be, being a single cat dude an all, I decided to stay late in my little studio, take my lyrics and try to actually sing out this little interlude (but Father…all I want to do is sing).

I’ll apologize in advance if it makes your or your neighbor’s dogs cry. I won’t apologize if makes just you or your neighbors cry as I don’t care and you’ve obviously got issues.

As to my Bella? She gives a paws up…but with an attitude.