Cool Cumulus Nights

A touch late on this but I wanted to wait until after another Cumulus building event, WRRV’s Boo Ball, before I hit the attic. First off, for everyone who made it out to our Fall What Women Want at Anthony’s Pier 9 I just want to say thanks and hope you had as good a time as I did. It was a success and I think all you ladies were able to walk away knowing it was a night well…and fun spent. For myself, how many folks can say they danced the cha cha slide (or whatever it was that had me winded far too quickly) with Yolanda Vega? I know, I’m probably in some pretty exclusive company. And this was on the heels of the belly dancers and me staring at just their feet, I swear, for their whole dance exhibition (Maria did indeed slap me when I got home without knowing why).

No, it was a really nice night and again, I just want to say thanks to all that made it out and also give a big thank-you noogie to Anthony, Jeremiah, Jill, Mel and the rest of the promotions staff and interns who were responsible for making it such a success.

Then, just a week or so later, came sister station WRRV’s annual Boo Ball, this year at the Mid Hudson Civic Center and all I can say is holy cow, what a great night! Imagine 800 to 1000 costumed freaky freaks just enjoying the hell out of themselves in a fantastically adorned, rather large, rumpus room? Yes that was the night and this one also was a huge success. I really doubt that there was better Halloween party in the Hudson Valley and if you go to you can see the photos of all the freaky freaks I mentioned, indeed enjoying the hell out of themselves.

I do have though, a few photos here for you to give you an idea including my Maria looking as beautiful as ever as Alice in Wonderland. Me? I was the Mad Hatter, certainly not as beautiful (though the eye makeup was quite fetching) but I’d like to think I fit in well with said freaky freaks.

My Maria and myself along with a young lady who fit the “Wonderland” theme as the Queen of Hearts…..

…and me, sans big floppy hat, with the fetching touch of makeup i mentioned (try explaining this to the guy at the Sunoco later when needing to fill the tank).

Jeremiah from promotions the Kiss man, Ace Frehley and his better half, Ally as a very happening witch…

…then Matt Manfredo from WRRV as the Riddler and, one of my favorites from the night, Brando from WPDH weekends as Glenda the Good Witch. I think it was the alluring look with the magic wand and the chest hair that really made the costume.

Here is my Sis and her guy, Buck, as a Buckingham guard and a Braveheart. There were definitely some conversations about the kilt and some classic truths about a Scotsman and his said kilt were revealed. No not that but still very funny…

…and then there was the guy who came as a teddy bear claw/grab vending machine. Kudos to him being able to stay in teddy bear claw/grab vending machine character all night, including no refreshement, no pee break and steamed glass like there was some heavy petting going on in there. Now it was probably just because he couldn’t get out of the damn thing but his teddy bear claw/grab vending machine perseverance paid off to the ching of a $1000 as he won best prize. Congrats my friend and nice ears!

Here is the lovely maria in our kitchen before we took off for the Poughkeepsie Galleria’s Malloween before eventually hitting the Boo Ball. No, I don’t know what she was thinking saying yes to me either. And then finally…

…there is Shoes in an incredibly realisitic cat costume. Check out that attention to detail! Sadly Shoes wasn’t able to attend as he had more immediate engangements including napping, eating, visiting the litter box once or twice, scratching stuff and getting me in trouble and then napping again awaiting our return.

All in all it was a great night and, along with What Women Want, another fine example of what our events can be here at Cumulus. Guys? Look for What Men Want coming soon, also to the Mid Hudson Civic Center with WPDH.

Well, Maria says it’s time to stop pondering how I might have fared as a Glam Rocker, ala T-Rex and Sweet, and lose the fetching eye makeup. Oh well, I could never walk in those huge heels anyway.



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