A Day In The Life (title borrowed) And Treasured Friends

(…”and dragged a comb across my head”)

When I first moved into my former apartment in Hyde Park, back in December of 2014, I quickly learned why my only request of the building manager that my new digs be on the top (3rd) floor was the best of all possible requests. I can’t imagine the hell I would have had to endure had my downstairs neighbor and her boyfriend been arguing and fighting and throwing shit ABOVE my head instead of below my feet. Gladly, their anger and dysfunction left soon after I moved in and was replaced, instead, with the quiet, serene, happy, loving contentment of Tara Patterson and Blake.

We bonded over cats, the mutual love of our respective fur (their Little Foot & Riley, my Bella & Shoes) but more specifically, my Shoes. When he was in his final days, and he and I would go out for our nightly walks for his last month or so, a boy and his cat in a cone plastic hat, Tara and Blake were always there to wish he and I good travels around the apartment complex. Shoes was in his glory with the attention from the two of them at the bottom of the stairs outside their door and I had new found friends who understood the immense pain but also the beautiful life that were those walks with my Big Orange.

They were also there for the slow, deliberate, determined, often bandaid inducing but loving process of bringing my beloved stray Grayson (I so miss you my friend, I can’t even say – You were So special and 2 years just wasn’t enough time) in house from the eventual cold. Tara called him Gray-Gray, a name I came to use with him quite often. Of all the people Grayson DIDN’T like at the time, including me on occasion? Tara & Blake weren’t on the list. He loved them without reservation…or bandaid.

Well, after 11 years of preparation, these two finally said “I Do” and it was a glorious day for them filled with family (Tara’s dance with Blake’s grandfather brought real tears I couldn’t hold back and brought the guests to their clapping hands), lifelong friends and a few extra new friends found at “home” in building 15 (as Tara put it in a text recently). I know I can speak for the extra friends Bobby Mulcare Brenda Mulcare and certainly myself when I say “Cheers to the continued happiness you two”. You’ve always made me smile.

I also got a chance to hang out with actual humans in the actual real world for a change and I think I cleaned up rather nicely in a borrowed shirt and tie (thank ya Sam Favata). And I didn’t spill anything on them by the way. A rare win for me.

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