So then Sunday … Stink Bugs & Me

A good friend of mine, who is waaaaaaay more popular than me in social media ways that the kids all talk about (waaaaaaay more popular in general as she is actually social) recently posted to the Facebook of having a bit of an issue with Stink Bugs at her place. Seeing this I shot her a link to a post I wrote back in February of my own Stink Buggyness here at the ‘stead, just in case she hadn’t seen it, in a “hey, with ya girlfriend” kind of way, a funny bit.

Well she decided to share my said Stink Bug post and lets just say I got quite a few new eyeballs on it, quite a few, a lot actually. Ahhhhh the power of the popular.

“But Ma …”

“It’s Ok Stephen, we can’t all be popular and … hold that thought, just got a tag … HeHeHe … ”

“Thanks Ma”

Now I realize I’m just talking of Stink Bugs here, nothing ground shaking, just little legs walking and towels and shirts hanging, air buzzing, but it is a favorite of posts of mine and it was nice to have so many new visitors to the Attic to give it an eye and maybe even hang around for a bit (though no hanging around the futon dresser thank you).

Thanks Jonna.

Anyway, a re-post here of that one.

Link here. Stink Bugs & Me.

Cheers all,

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