Goin’ To The School Board (song)

This one is to the Dixie Cups “Chapel of Love”. I know, “Chapel of Love” really? How the hell do the Dixie Cups come into the noggin? They don’t but …

… there’s a radio station of the group of stations that I work for that stands out simply for its stand out of quite the mix of styles and genres and eras. A station where you can hear say, Christopher Cross, some random Jazz (the only Jazz really I guess), Journey, Doo Wop, something from “Annie”, The Beatles, Bill Haley, Gregorian chants, the Grease soundtrack (ummm, I have limits) Rupert Holmes, and even some television show theme songs all in around the space of an hour. Ok, maybe not Gregorian chants but, then again, it wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s the musical brainchild of my production boss, Randy, to fill a hole left by our finally abandoned country’s stations, a station that is kind of a musical kitchen sink everything of tunes that he has run with and run with joyous well received abandon.

So there was then, the other day, out of the corner of my ear, the catching of “Chapel of Love”, and it got stuck.

So, I decided to do my own running with …

… another tune.

This one is for all those that have decided, in their finite white wisdom, to start banning books, whitewash curriculums and prove their proud ignorance.

To the Dixie Cups “Going to the Chapel”.

Goin’ to the School Board

Goin’ to the school board

And we’re gonna get carried away

With banning books now that aren’t

In a real right straight white safe way

Gee we’ve got some issues with works

That don’t teach imagined virtues of a

Re-visioned whitewashing day


GOP’s here

To set message clear

Ignorance sings

Of white patriot things


This country was found

On exceptional ground

And we’ll never teach real truth anymore

Because we’re

Goin’ to the school board

And we’re gonna get carried away

Might throw books on a pyre now

And dance ‘round with a hey hidey hey how


Gee you don’t need a degree

From any liberal leftist factory   

Goin’ to create history  

Whistles will blow

And dogs will crow

We’ll set it right

No CRT will be in sight

We’ll ignore slave-ery

Even though it’s part of the core  

And strike systemic from vocabulary’s lore


Because we’re

Goin’ to the school board

And we’re gonna get carried away

Snowflake about the sensibilities

Of our children’s tender feelings

Gee we don’t know the problem

Of new curriculum’s whitey outcome

Goin’ to the school board of dumb


Goin’ to the school board of dumb  


Just mind your place and we’ll all get along

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