Greene Crackers Part II

Back in December of 2021 I thought to a little fun and a dig at Margie Q Greene, someone who deserves as many “digs” as can be thrown her way, gotta point out the nutters, the ignorance that endangers us and our democracy as often as possible right?

A version of the Green Acres theme song, “Greene Crackers”.

Just some simple little pointed stuff.

Well, I thought again (yeah, I need to stop doing that, the thoughting, nothing but trouble) this time to updating it, to making it more current.

Still just some simple little pointed stuff.

Greene Crackers Part II

Greene Crackers has more thoughts you see

Though that leads to scary possibilities

Now she wants red states simply to secede

With no thinking who it is that pays for all their needs

Margie Greene crackers howls ironical  

How libs are fascist devils taking us to hell

They try to be inclusive but their woke’s a death knell

To her Christ white oppression in her genuine fascist spell


Libs fought


Libs shot

Autocracy’s wife

Marge fascist right

Greene Crackers she wants there  

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