Trump Taking Spin For A Spin

Trump says Turkey and Kurds needed to fight ‘like two kids’

So, now it’s a “he allowed” Turkish forces and Kurds to battle instead of he hung the Kurds, who fought with us side by side against ISIS, out to dry by enabling a Turkish offensive (there’s no equal battle here) that has killed at least 500 so far and displaced thousands?

So, this is the new spin, somehow Trump portraying himself as the adult in the room “Like two kids in a lot, you have got to let them fight and then you pull them apart” when in reality it was a selfish fawning child who allowed all of this to happen in the first place? The man-boy who wanted to protect his own interests, his Istanbul properties (any “America first” take should always be interpreted as Trump first) while trading an assist to one of his strong-arm thug buddies and hopefully continue to be looked upon favorably (an easy patsy) by the members of the Despot-Man Freedom Haters Club.

He then takes the new spin for a spin in true conman fashion by propping up his clueless recklessness with now claims that his abandoning an ally was strategically brilliant and then taking it even further, as only he can, in his ludicrously exaggerated way, to say the feckless ceasefire, that Turkey promptly ignored, was a great day for civilization? Now that one’s pretty funny.

“It was unconventional what I did” as Trump further drives his spin around the block, an actual message to any ally that he cannot be trusted to have their back, promises or not, is one here that Trump, instead, tries to turn into an attempt to burnish his image as the maverick, the guy who breaks the mold, who does things “unconventionally”. Yeh, unconventionally screws an ally in what, for Trump, will always be one way relationships, loyalty just a word unless HE demands it.

He also said “Not one drop of American blood” was lost without having to go further for us to know exactly how much he cares for blood he’s caused to drop, as long as it isn’t his red, WHITE and blue prop, to know that he genuinely feels no responsibility for it, instead desperately searching for ways to make this appear “plan” when we all know that isn’t the case. He has no plan, ever, other than self enrichment and aggrandizement.  No, he’s just looking for ways to blame this blood while washing his hands of it as easily as he does a bit of sharpee on his fingers.

How truly skewed and surreal are the times that we live in? This age of the Trump Dumb Down? Trump uses his “fixing” of problems that he has soley caused as moments to claim brilliance and victory and great days for all the world.

No this spin, as Trump’s delusionally calculated spins go, is pretty impressive.

Next up, the continuing efforts to revision fact with falsehood and cast doubt on Russia’s proven influence on 2016 as ego will not abide him something as pesky as truth to allow his election to be viewed as illegitimate. Never fear, William “Low” Barr, personal law and partisan hack, is on the case.

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