Taking Monday

I like to take a Monday off every now and then always with the notion of “man, I’d like one work day to just sleep in”. A day to take, if afforded amid the scrape, is one you should take if you can, if for nothing more than just a reset. Well, so much for that notion apparently, as I was awake at 7. Damn internal clocks. I blame you, work. Bastard. But, now that I’m awake, a couple of notes. I know. Again with this guy with the notes.

– After a quick run to the convenience store this morning for a cream cheesed bagel I have now heard Toto’s “Africa” for the 5th time since Friday. Serengeti? Really? In that convenience store and while scanning through stations in my travels with BB this past weekend. That shouldn’t happen to anyone. I won’t even say it’s not fair. It’s just unkind. And I like Toto. Screw you Universe. That’s a demerit earned.

– Watched my first football of the season last night, my high school games not included. Watched my first Pro Football I should say then, my Steelers (a well needed victory) and I watched in silence. I volumed down the annoyance and just watched. Football fans? Give it a try.

– Celie excitedly texted me earlier. Sweets, the pretty little fox (no, not a 70’s reference feather in a flamboyant fedora long fur coat kind of thing) who was brought to Celie, motherless, some time ago along with her fox pal Toons and who has been missing from her daily morning play with the puppies, Georgia and Lewie, for over a week now while Celie and I imagined the worst, is back. She’s back! Damn, that feels good to know. Ok, I’ll grant ya that one Universe. Demerit bought back.

– Came up with the answer, over the weekend, cheap beer in tow, to the maybe question of why I don’t go out or care to do so.

– Now to take that Monday off.


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