Must … Posit … Faster

“must go faster” … only we’re not being hunted down by re-animated angry dinosaurs, just current actual animated ones, corrupted elephants instead, that aren’t chasing us for food but for our thought’s foods need, flesh not it, mind.

“must … post … faster” … faster before the dumb consumes whatever may be left. No break allowed. At least Mr Goldblum, you were able to escape. Oh, for this only being a movie.

Fact check – bad (pesky fuckers)

Encourage on color violence, it’s not a maybe benefit of the doubt, or it is (more certainly) a that black and white thing – bad (well, not according to some good people on both …)

Thin skinned threats and lame grandiose political follow through’s – bad/good

Baby General wishes – good

Authoritarian response – good

“must … think … faster”

I’m, we’re, being chased on a daily basis by a dumb that is all consuming, a cloud, dark, has been for too many these three plus years, one that knows that there is a wearing down of whatever acuity may still be left. The 101 being a class followed, the handbook in tow, walking the halls of ignorance, joking side by side, that book in hand, such a sledgehammer, a one of obvious pounded simplicity.

I’ve tried shooting up Lysol, drinking bleach, hittin’ hydro and maybe diabetes meds and shoving an AV lamp for a look see to check what happens. But I’m dead now. What else is there to do? It’s all in name of State.

“must … stand … faster”

The tough part. Hold your feet, if you can, but like in sand, arms outstretched pushing, holding, truth graveling out underneath those sliding feet, It’s there ahead of us but it’s also in our rear view, gaining, this looking over shoulder is a front shoulder forwards and back, heavy, waiting, son of a bitch, bastard’s workin’ both.

“must … think … faster”

You’d think that would be the easy part. But it’s not and we think way too much. There comes a time for the muck.

The footsteps are there in the follow and the forward wait, stepping, stomping, Giants mocking our thought as you try and run, hiding not an option, trying to find the cave that this came out of, for understanding, a one of grabbing and dragging of hair, proud pounding of rock, salt, an old school, playground dominance of juvenile words, tired taunts, simple hates for a lack of a better.

“must … post … faster”

I’d say “must … law … faster” but that’s gone now.

“must … post … faster” words, ideas, things that gotta be said while they still can, uttered, before a succumb.

“must … posit … faster …”

A “must … posit … faster” ahead … posit ahead of the dumb and the down, any words not State approved, words that actually sit, mean, have heart, sit, tell Tommy or Jenna it’ll be Ok, ruminate, hold attention, mean something before the next news cycle. And fuck the next cycle anyway.

Stay right here. Don’t let it go.

A “must …”

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