Trumpy Snacks (song)

After spending a bit of time with my last one, Cult Orange Taxi, which I wasn’t sure of (better than I initially thought … much) I revisited this one. 

It’s one I thought to leave on a shelf but with some listens again it’s not all that bad plus, it’s my blog, I am the only arbiter so why the hell not? Crap or no.

This is one of my favorite tunes from the 90’s and I absolutely love the video, it’s a just TOO cool. Man those shoes.

Fun Loving Criminals, “Scooby Snacks” with the Tarantino movie quotes an all.

Should it probably still sit on a shelf of the maybe’s? 

Maybe … maybe not.


Trumpy Snacks

“Everybody be cool, this is an insurrection!”


Don and lack facts set the track long ago   

His act election taint would be the big blow  

After mail in lies re-votes’ll be where the enemy goes

He exulted to podiums

Future fraud agendum

And lies don’t matter much

He bought with no cost

Small minds all loudly and blindly so


Donnie Donnie Donnie


(Is this some Fascist-T love thing happening here people or what?)


When loss came the long game went into play

Cries rang out loud … that this was a no go

He couldn’t have lost … hell he even said so

Statistically not possible and numbers were his go go

Made up as they were he couldn’t have been wrong  

They thought singin’ all dumb dumb days long

So they listened to him being done so so wrong

Not to just to him but them that was a no no


“Look, I don’t know anything about any fucking election fraud
You can torture me all you want”

“Torture you, that’s good, that’s a good idea, I like that


Runnin’ around spoutin’ lies all whacked off on Trumpy snacks

We’ll take your commands

Rush the gates all whacked off on Trumpy Snacks


And Pence don’t give a fuck about a noose’s close call

If self respect was in height he’s only inches tall

He op-eds big lie, like he’s money

Though Trump had hoped his feet dangled funny


Ron Johnson chimes new times explanation

Antifa hell bent on insurrection

And try blame Pelosi for not calling in Nat guard

10,000 strong Trump numbers lie song

Revisionists don’t care much what they get wrong

Say it enough and it’ll last days years long

But in the meantime you’re votes we leave charred

Suppression will and always be in their yard

Cause they can’t win without playing that card


Trumpy, we need you, are we fools?

Nah, you’re tools


Runnin’ around spoutin’ lies all whacked off on Trumpy snacks

We’ll take your commands

rush the gates all whacked off on Trumpy Snacks


Muddy the waters make the rounds

All whacked off on Trumpy Snacks

Nothin’ to see pundits sound

All whacked off on Trumpy Snacks  


You got nothin’ on him


It was no big deal


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